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Because we know that parents need some inspiration to feed the family when it comes to screen time, we have this year included an On Demand family pack of fantastic treats for whānau viewing.

Whether it’s classroom stories of resilience and comradery, a canine tale of friendship or even adventures with alien lifeforms - we’ve got you! Available for multiple viewing, cause we know the young ones at the end are gonna say “again!”

PARENTS NOTE: This is a selection of films for different age groups. Some are aimed at younger tots, where others - particularly Are You Okay? are aimed at older teens. All films have been rated G & PG, with the exception of Are You Okay? which is rated M due to depictions of online cyberbullying. We recommend you watch this film before showing it to your kids.

We’ve included on each film a handy age guide, which will tell you the age recommendations for each film.

Content included in this bundle

Crusoe (2021)
Animation 8m
The Alien Nightmare (2020)
Animation 6m
Latitude du Printemps (A Tiny Tale) (2021)
Animation 8m
She Dreams at Sunrise (2021)
Animation 11m
스테레오타입 (Stereotype) (2021)
Animation 11m
Dọlápọ is Fine (2021)
Drama 16m
Les Chaussures de Louis (2020)
Animation 5m
Are You Okay? (2021)
Animation 9m