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12 films

Choose what you want, how you want it, in our bumper digital sampler selection!

We are chuffed to bring an amazingly diverse selection of twelve films to blow your socks off and make you question your place in this world.

Curate your own mini NZ film night! Tour the cinematic world with a different stop each day! Or blow your mind with a short- film bingeathon! Colonial gold-rush, extreme ironing, rebellious Iranians, political activists, teddy bears in a support group all jam-packed with famous faces. Dive in, you won’t be disappointed.

Content included in this bundle

Roy (2021)
Drama 16m
Woman In Blue (2021)
Drama 13m
The Mushroom Hunters (2019)
Animation 6m
Derniere Station (Last Stop) (2021)
Thriller 9m
Solar Eclipse (2021)
Drama 14m
The Mad Austrian (2021)
Documentary 8m
Bear With Me (2021)
Drama 12m
Sabotage (2021)
Thriller 20m
Bluebird (2021)
Drama 20m
Blood and Gold (2021)
Drama 13m
Neon Meets Argon (2021)
Drama 15m
Sinine (Blue) (2021)
Drama 15m