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Ukrainian Short Film Night - Online

1h 32m Drama, Documentary, Animation

Show Me Shorts in collaboration with Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF) present a collection of short films from top Ukrainian filmmakers. These screenings are fundraising events for the people of Ukraine who are currently under attack. All proceeds will be securely transferred to KISFF for distribution to humanitarian funds in Ukraine.

Here is a message from our friends:

“More than a month has passed since the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine. It feels like a long time since our last calm days when we lived our regular lives. Since February 24, everyone from our team at Kyiv International Short Film Festival has experienced the war in one way or another. We just got the terrifying reports from the recently de-occupied Bucha — a town next to Kyiv, just 40 kilometres from our office. The violence the Russian army has done to Ukrainian civilians is disturbing to us all. We understand it is difficult for people outside of Ukraine to relate to what is happening here, but we strongly believe everyone must know the scale of the tragedy our people are facing. All of this is the reason we decided to reach out to our colleagues at short film festivals around the world. We are asking for your help to spread Ukrainian stories from our wonderful award-winning filmmakers, and to help us fundraise for the many humanitarian needs in the Ukraine right now.”

There are five Ukrainian short films that have been specially curated by KISFF for the fundraising screenings:

  • Unavailable directed by Nikon Romanchenko is a drama about a woman who works at a pastry shop while waiting to hear from her son who is in the war zone and out of communication.
  • Me and Mariupol directed by Piotr Armianovski is a documentary about a man who first saw the sea in Mariupol. He revisits the city twenty years later, and speaks of how enchanting he finds it.
  • Sensiz (Without You) directed by Nariman Aliev is a story of two brothers. On the road to a birthday party in a remote place their car breaks down and they decide to go the rest of the way on foot.
  • Bullmastiff directed by Anastasіia Bukovska is the story of a lonely war veteran who accidentally meets a lost dog who helps him rekindle a sense of joy.
  • Deep Love directed by Mykyta Lyskov is an animation set in the city of Dnipro. Partly a documentary, through the prism of absurdity and black humour, the film tells the story of a big city during historical changes and de-communisation.

Thank you to Kyiv International Short Film Festival for providing the films.

Thank you to Albert-Eden Local Board for supporting this project.

Thank you to the Film & Video Labelling Body for supporting this project.

Thank you to Stuff for supporting Show Me Shorts.







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