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Aotearoa Te Ōhākī - Audio Description

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The films in this bundle have been audio described by Able, tailored for those those with visual impairments.

Discover the rising talents of new and established directors in this collection of short films from Aotearoa New Zealand. The films are loosely themed around the Te Ao Māori concept of Te Ōhākī - meaning cultural and identity reclamation. Find here stories of people from many different cultures who are feeling displaced or disconnected, and seeking their place in the world.

Be that place the family home, out on the streets, inside a quarantine facility or astride a stage for drag queens.

Content included in this bundle

What's the Disabili-Tea: Misty Frequency - Audio Description
8m Documentary 2022
Daughter of God - Audio Description
11m Drama 2023
Lâo Lao Lâo Le - Audio Description
15m Drama 2023
Plastic - A Love Letter to the Estranged - Audio Description
14m Documentary 2023
Anu - Audio Description
13m Drama 2023
Buttons and Dumplings - Audio Description
17m Documentary 2023
Find Where I Belong - Audio Description
14m Drama 2023
Te Whakawhitinga - Audio Description
12m True Story 2023