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Indonesian Focus 2: Innovation

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The fun films in this collection contain a frenetic energy that makes for an enjoyable watch. They have ambitious concepts and story ideas, delivered on a shoestring budget.

These filmmakers utilise a level of innovation that allows them to craft stories that might seem too ambitious on the page. Like creating a terrifying giant chicken, an epic sci-fi encounter, a beautiful ghost, and a battle with cholesterol personified. It’s best to just go with the craziness and enjoy!

Content included in this bundle

Film untuk Babeh (Kid Terminator)
14m Science Fiction 2023
Chicken Awaken
6m Comedy 2023
Attack on Cholesterol
9m Satire 2023
I Saw a Ghost, and It Was Beautiful
9m Animation 2023
The Lemony Snippets of A Loopy Reverie
3m Animation 2023
Senandung Senyap (A Sonorous Melody)
24m Documentary 2023